Ardea - The Heron




Welcome to Issue 3 of Ardea, the multilingual short-form poetry journal.

It contains the work of poets writing in the modern traditions of haiku, tanka and haibun, and once again with several new languages and contributors. All poems are presented in two or more languages, one of which is English.

We hope that you will enjoy reading Ardea, and look forward to your submissions.

John Kinory, editor
October 2013


This issue could not have been published without the generous input of the poets who contributed to it. The same goes for the invaluable assistance provided by the language editors listed below, who resolved many of the difficulties inherent in translating any form of poetry but especially the compact works presented on these pages. Our webmaster has performed miracles of coding and layout, all the more impressive given the wide variety of languages and alphabets involved. Many thanks to our sponsors who helped make Ardea possible.

Language editors: Cate Avery, Sandip Sital Chauhan, Ali Erken, Gilles Fabre, Erika Gilson, Paula Gordon, Giovanni Guarnieri, Dani Gutfreund, Hoang t. Dieu-Hien, Sachiko Matsushita Tytler, Rodica Popescu, Arlene Reyes, Adriana Walter, Robert Williams, Julia Wood, Rafał Zabratyński.

We gratefully acknowledge the help provided by Yeşim Özben.

Graphic design: John Kinory and Iwan Davies

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Nancy Nitrio

Ardea takes its name from the Latin and scientific name for the heron.

almost dawn
a heron fluffs the stillness
into itself

Jan Dobb